Working at Digabit

Digabit, Inc. is headquartered in Colorado.

The company makes decisions based on three guiding principles:

  • We communicate with candor
  • Our product is compelling
  • Our people have a passion for winning

The Four Foundations of
Our Company Culture


Values go well beyond slick sayings displayed in a corporate lobby.
Values are actual behaviors and skills valued by fellow employees.
Values are what we hire, promote or terminate upon.


We do not measure people by how many hours they work or how much they are in the office, but by accomplishment and results.
We never confuse activity for productivity.


Simplicity is more than just a lack of complexity –
It’s a way of thinking and doing.
Our products are sellable, sustainable, maintainable, adaptable.

Freedom with Responsibility

We do not have PTO. Our employees manage their own work time, time off, sick days, personal days. We trust in employees to do what is right. Empower them to make decisions. Free to set tactics aligned with goals.

Current Openings

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Unfortunately, we have no current openings!

Digabit, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer offering great benefits and compensation commensurate with experience. Unless otherwise stated, all positions will be based out of our main headquarters in Lakewood, CO. Please, no phone calls regarding these opportunities.