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What Our Customers Say

"It took 3 to 4 days to introduce a new product into the system and days or weeks to update a part or model information. Both of those tasks now take just a few minutes using Documoto."

-George Boltz, Viking Range

Documoto Customer - Arctic Cat

"When we decided to use Documoto, we got a lot more than anticipated. Productivity increased dramatically."

-Don Mendoza, LA Metro

Documoto Customer - Arctic Cat

"We've been able to increase online sales from 25% to 41% of total orders. We're pushing to reach 60%. We have a lot of efficiency gains, so we can upsell online."

-Wouter Van Praag, Atlas Copco Construction

Documoto Customer - Arctic Cat

"It's easy to find all the support materials for a particular machine in one location, and have confidence that one doesn't need to search elsewhere."

-Julio Garrido, Hiperbaric

Documoto Customer - Arctic Cat